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Krav Maga

Kids and Pre-Teen Classes

Weeks Martial Arts: The Next Generation of Self-Defense Training

Weeks Martial Arts is a family of instructors, Master Dave Weeks and his sons Peter and Dylan teach, while Sylvia Weeks is part of the office and sales. Let our family’s passion for these arts, become your passion as well.

Our staff specializes their attention to each student’s needs and skill set, to ensure the continued development of each student’s training. Weeks Martial Arts offers the next generation of Kung Fu San Soo for ages 5 and up. For adults we also offer classes in the military based art Krav Maga.

We offer low monthly rates and family plans. We do not charge for testing or increases in belt rank.

Weeks Martial Arts is also available for offsite seminar training. If you have a club or group that may benefit from a few days or hours of self-defense training, contact us to plan for these types of seminars.


CURRENT SPECIALS: NEW YEARS SPECIAL – 2 MONTHS FOR $80 per person, (expires 2/28/2018)




  • We provide Structure and Encouragement for Success
  • Practical Self-Defense skills and Confidence building to prevent bullying
  • Improve Social Skills, Responsibility and Respect for others
  • Increase Focus, Energy and Concentration
  • Learn how to set goals and learn to achieve them
  • Improved Health and Fitness
  • Increased Self-Control
  • Develop inner strength to resist peer pressure



  • Learn Practical Self-Defense skills
  • Increased Focus and Concentration
  • Develop the ability to react quickly to physical threats
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Great Stress Relief
  • Lose Weight and increase fitness and flexibility